For Families Thursday, June 27, 8:30am

3rd Annual LGBTQ Teen Summit

Join us for a prideful full-day experience for teens and youth as part of World Pride. Celebrate the intersections of LGBTQ culture, history, and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall uprising amongst peers and allies.
For Families Monday, July 8, 11:00am

Neighborhood Mapping

What does community mean to you? Explore and celebrate the diverse communities and subcultures of New York City through a scavenger hunt of the museum and neighborhood mapping projects!
For Families Wednesday, July 10, 11:00am

Mural Mania

New York City is full of vibrant public murals that line city’s buildings. Leave your mark in our collective community mural painting!
For Families Monday, July 15, 11:00am

Activist Paper Doll Making

Celebrate the New York City women who have championed for change in the garment industry by exploring the Activist New York and City of Struggle: How Labor Movements Changed New York exhibitions. Choose a figure as inspiration to make your own activist paper doll with a message for change.
For Families Wednesday, July 17, 11:00am

Industry City

Explore the rich history of labor in New York City in the exhibition City of Struggle: How Labor Movements Changed New York. Get hands on with fabrics to create related projects.
For Families Wednesday, July 24, 11:00am

Activist New York Special Programs

Visit the exhibition Activist New York to discover New Yorkers’ fights for freedom and equality. Afterwards, create protest posters for a movement that inspires you for change.