Moonlight & Movies | Smithereens

An outdoor screening of the classic 1982 punk-rock film "Smithereens" with an introduction by director Susan Seidelman.

Curator Walking Tour- Radicals of the Lower East Side

A walking tour exploring the radical history of the Lower East Side with MCNY Curator Sarah Seidman.

“The Colors of Frida | Los colores de Frida” Performance for Families with Teatro SEA

Experience this special bilingual performance about the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo by Teatro SEA, which combines storytelling, music, visual arts, puppets, and audience participation.

Curator Walking Tour – The World in Morningside Heights

Discover the international communities that have flourished in Morningside Heights, once known as New York City's "Acropolis", with MCNY fellow Azra Dawood.

Moonlight & Movies | Wild Style

Following a conversation with director Charlie Ahearn and Grandmaster Flash, we screen the classic 1982 hip-hop film Wild Style.