Alexander Hamilton and DeWitt Clinton Statues Conservation

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A photo of MCNY statues of Alexander Hamilton and DeWitt Clinton since 1941.

Alexander Hamilton and DeWitt Clinton Are Back!

After standing in the niches of the Museum’s facade since 1941, the bronze statues were long overdue for facelifts. They received some much-needed conservation, and now the statues have returned back home as good as new!

Watch the video of their triumphant return below, and visit New York at Its Core to learn how these two important New Yorkers shaped the future of both the city and the United States.


Part 3

And they're back!

Part 2

Watch a special behind-the-scenes look at the conservation process.

Part 1

Check out footage of the statues flying through the air as well as some historical background on why these two are such integral parts of NYC history.

New York [will be] the great depot and warehouse of the western world.

DeWitt Clinton, c. 1816




Additional support provided by The Barker Welfare Foundation.

Images: John Trumbull (1750-1831). Alexander Hamilton, 1799-1808. Museum of the City of New York. 71.31.3 | John Wesley Jarvis (1780-1840). DeWitt Clinton, ca. 1816. Museum of the City of New York. 37.404 
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