You Are Here

An Immersive Film Experience

Through October 5, 2025

A gallery with several screens.

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You Are Here: An Immersive Film Experience

New York is one of the most filmed cities on earth. Generations of moviegoers have seen New York depicted and distorted, celebrated and denigrated, idealized and mocked, built up and demolished over and over again on the big screen. Over the past 100 years, legions of filmmakers have drawn attention to New Yorkers’ joys and struggles, shaping our ideas of what the city is—or could become. 

YOU ARE HERE draws on this rich archive of movies set in New York, combining thousands of cinematic moments across 16 screens. Sources include Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, documentaries, and experimental works. By juxtaposing these multiple visions, the dazzling montages of YOU ARE HERE make connections and contrasts that allow movies to comment on each other across time and space. Together, they shed new light on the varied New Yorks of our collective imagination. 

Sometimes New York stars in these movies; sometimes, a studio set or even another city stands in. In the introductory room, Scenes from the City explores the city as a film set, showing how movies have been captured on location throughout the five boroughs. From there, we invite you to enter the immersive central space, where you can explore a narrative tapestry woven from hundreds of films—one impressionistic storyline that strives to represent the multifaceted realities of our countless New York stories. 

Watch the Official Trailer below:

Photo by Brad Farwell
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