Climate Week NYC Wraps Up

Friday, September 27, 2019

This year, Climate Week NYC takes place from September 23 to 29. At the same time, world leaders converge at the UN a few blocks downtown to discuss climate action. Throughout the week, the Museum has shown its support for the education of our global and local community on climate matters. We took steps to conserve natural resources, and one day of these efforts saved over 100 kilowatts of energy. 

As #ClimateWeekNYC wraps up, we’ve been revisiting past programs on climate change and current activities in the Future City Lab. In this interactive space, an important part of the exhibition New York At its Core, visitors can imagine the challenges the city will face throughout the 21st century and experiment with solutions to these problems. 

The Museum asks “How can the city enhance its natural environment and cope with climate change?” and “What can we do to protect and strengthen our city's relationship to nature?” We didn’t just explore these questions in the galleries, but brought them to the experts to propose how New York can adapt and respond to climate change.

Architect Mitchell Joachim talks about how New Yorkers might inhabit and experience the city several generations from now.

The series New York’s Future in a Changing Climate, featured conversations with leading voices and thinkers who discussed topics such as New York’s future as a coastal city in an era of rising seas, changing demands and the rise of renewables, New York’s watersheds and waterways, where and how we get our food supplies, and the city’s relationship with waste. Ultimately, our choices, investments, and ideas will determine the directions we take and what New York City becomes. Where do we go from here?

Here, chef Dan Barber discusses farming efficiently.

 These conversations were recorded and aired on MNN. You can view the full series and conversations in their entirety here. 

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