Hidden Voices: Black History Month

Three portraits of a man and two women below text that reads, "Hidden Voices of New York City."

Hidden Voices of New York City: Black History Month (Grades 3-5)

Celebrate Black History Month with your students registering for this free virtual workshop for grades 3-5.

In this session of the Hidden Voices of New York City series, students will learn about three Black New Yorkers whose stories have too often been “hidden” from the traditional historical record, but whose lives and legacies continue to shape our collective history and identity in the city. Each of the individuals is featured in the Hidden Voices resource guides, which are aligned to the New York City Department of Education’s Passport to Social Studies.

A sketch drawing of a man in a large hat and glasses.
David Ruggles (1810-1849) - A “practical abolitionist” who founded an antislavery bookstore and helped Frederick Douglass escape enslavement.
A sketch drawing of a woman in a 19th century dress leans against a chair.
Elizabeth Jennings Graham (1827-1901) - A “19th-century Rosa Parks” who helped desegregate mass transit in NYC.
A woman poses against a backdrop in a long dress.
Florence Mills (1896–1927) - A talented singer and dancer who made her Broadway debut at the start of the Harlem Renaissance.

This 1-hour workshop includes an active chat for class participation and student activities to do during the program, including a close examination of images from the Museum’s collection and exhibitions.

Students who participate in the session will:

  • Be able to name three individuals from New York City history and describe the challenges they faced and their legacy today
  • Sharpen their historical thinking skills through engagement with primary and secondary source materials
  • Hone skills in civic agency through exposure to the stories of people who organized within and beyond the city of New York
  • Explore history through multiple perspectives and gain an understanding of how the past influences our present and how we can each help shape our future

About the session format

Our virtual student workshops are live and interactive sessions led over Zoom by Museum Educators in a setting that balances active engagement and privacy.  Sessions will be presented as webinars; students will be able to submit questions, comments, and observations to the moderators and complete polls and other activities but will not use cameras or mics and will not be visible on screen.

How to Register: 

These sessions are free! Advance registration is required. Educators who register for their class will receive a Zoom link prior to the program. Black History Month Sessions will take place on February 6th, 7th, and 8th from 9:30am - 10:30am.

About the Series:

Hidden Voices of New York City is a virtual workshop series from the Museum of the City of New York that is geared towards students in grades 3-5 and highlights and honors the individual and collective experiences of a diverse swath of New Yorkers. 

Each month, students learn about New Yorkers whose stories are often “hidden” from the traditional historical record, but who have shaped and continue to shape our history and identity. The sessions build on the Hidden Voices resource guides and can help teachers facilitate and explore inclusive learning experiences that validate the diverse perspectives and contributions of underrepresented individuals and groups.

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