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Summer 2020

P Credit Course: People of New York

This online course draws on the Museum’s groundbreaking exhibitions to examine the past, present, and future of New York through the lives of New Yorkers who have shaped and been shaped by the city they call home.  

Educators will examine how the individual choices of New Yorkers have molded the city we live in, unpack how the urban environment has impacted people both past and present, and discover hidden voices that shine a light on New York’s array of diverse communities and neighborhoods. Through online lesson plan and oral history workshops, discussions, guest lectures, and writing exercises, educators will gain a deeper understanding of the city’s history and find connections between their students’ experiences and those of New Yorkers past and present.  

People of New York runs from July 6, 2020 through July 31, 2020. The course is broken into modules that each involve both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Course Details

  • 45 CTLE hours. The Museum of the City of New York is a CTLE certified provider.
  • Course Fee: $250. Register with the Museum here.
  • 3 P Credits with registration through ASPDP
  • To receive P Credit, participants must also register on ASPDP by 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 5. ASPDP registration

Course Registration Instructions

Registration for People of New York is a two-step process for those taking the course for P Credit. (Educators interested in taking this course not for P Credit are welcome to do so and only need to complete Step 1.) 

All eligible educators receive CTLE credit for the course hours. 

Step 1: Register for the course People of New York with the Museum here and pay the Museum's course fee of $250. 

Step 2: The ASPDP course catalog is now open. For P Credit, register for course P140-9305.1M20 - People of New York on the ASPDP Course Catalog and pay the NYC DOE ASPDP course fee of $125. Registration for this course through ASPDP closes at midnight on Sunday, July 5. Participants who do not register with ASPDP by the deadline will be ineligible for P Credits.

Course Schedule

Synchronous ("live") coursework: 22 of the 45 hours of this course will be conducted as online course meetings held via Zoom. The 11 sessions will each last two hours. Participants will need an internet-accessible device (laptop, tablet, phone) with audio accessibility to participate. Zoom links for each session will be emailed out to participants in advance of its date. Participants will receive a full syllabus prior to the course start date. 

Synchronous sessions will take place in July on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 10am-12pm. Attendance at live sessions is a key component of this course. Final timing for synchronous sessions is subject to change. 

Click here to see a schedule of the dates and times for the synchronous online sessions.

Asynchronous coursework: 23 of the 45 hours of this course will be conducted as independent work time, with deadlines for course assignments spaced throughout the course. Course assignments will include readings, online activities, and written reflections due before and after each session. Midterms will consist of two 1-2 page written assignments. For their final assignment, participants will create and submit three lesson plans that incorporate their learning from the course.

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About P Credit Courses

The Museum of the City of New York offers Professional Credit (P Credit) Courses throughout the year. These courses are open to all educators, including educators not eligible for credits through the New York City Department of Education. 

P Credit in-service courses are offered in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education’s After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) and can be applied towards teachers' 30+ salary differential. ASPDP courses may also be used by teachers and paraprofessionals toward the NYS 175 hours of Professional Development requirement, as long as their principal approves. For more information on DOE salary differentials, please visit their website.

The Museum of the City of New York is also a CTLE certified provider.

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