Talks Wednesday, April 5, 6:30pm

Propaganda by Design

Leading graphic designers will discuss rarely exhibited propaganda posters and offer a glimpse into the world of design today.
Talks Wednesday, April 12, 7:00pm

Law & Disorder

Sarah Maslin Nir sits down with Ronald Kuby and Shabaka Shakur to interrogate a flawed justice system.
Talks Monday, April 17, 6:30pm

Magnetic City

Join us for the launch of Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Justin Davidson’s new book, "Magnetic City."
Films Sunday, April 23, 1:00pm

I Remember Harlem

A screening of the epic 16mm film "I Remember Harlem" with commentary from its Director of Photography and Producer.
For Educators Tuesday, April 25, 5:00pm

Recording New York: Sound, Place, and Civic Identity

Explore the themes of place, memory, and civic commitment in the work of the self-taught, Manhattan-based folklorist Tony Schwartz (1923-2002) and learn how young people can become stakeholders and participants in their communities by listening to historical sound recordings and by making new recordings of their own.
Talks Tuesday, May 2, 6:30pm

Vital Little Plans

Reconsider the legacy of Jane Jacobs with Samuel Zipp, author of a newly-published collection of her work.
Talks Wednesday, May 10, 6:30pm

Making It Here

Join Julissa Arce and AJ Gogia as they discuss opportunity, struggle, and success.