Moonlight & Movies 2021

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Image by Jörg Schubert, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Moonlight & Movies is back for summer 2021! Join us for a series of screenings inspired by the Museum's upcoming exhibition New York, New Music: 1980 - 1986 (opens June 11, 2021). These films explore some of the dazzling cultural movements, fashion trends, unexpected events, and exceptional artists that defined New York's music scene of the 1980's and captivated the world.

Event Thursday, September 30, 6:45pm

Moonlight & Movies | Smithereens

An outdoor screening of the classic 1982 punk-rock film "Smithereens" with an introduction by director Susan Seidelman.
Event Thursday, October 14, 6:30pm

Moonlight & Movies | Wild Style

Following a conversation with director Charlie Ahearn and Grandmaster Flash, we screen the classic 1982 hip-hop film Wild Style.


Moonlight & Movies is made possible in part by Sophia and Peter J. Volandes.

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