Explore New York's past, present, and future through the City Museum's exhibitions. Admission to all special exhibitions is included in your General Admission ticket.

  • Chris “Daze” Ellis: The City is My Muse

    Nov 18, 2015 - May 01, 2016

    The City is My Muse presents recent works by this lifelong New Yorker that depict the vibrancy and vitality of the city he loves.

  • The New York City Marathon

    Oct 20, 2015 - Mar 08, 2016

    Take in more than 100 images made by professional and amateur photographers capturing the energy, enthusiasm, and spirit of community that Marathon Sunday is all about.

  • Jacob A. Riis

    Oct 14, 2015 - Mar 20, 2016

    This retrospective highlights Riis's photographs, handwritten journals, and personal correspondence depicting the city’s slums at the turn of the 20th century, which revealed “How the Other Half Lives."

  • Affordable New York

    Sep 18, 2015 - Feb 07, 2016

    Explore the past, present, and future of subsidized housing in the city.

  • Folk City

    Jun 17, 2015 - Jan 10, 2016

    View original instruments, handwritten lyrics, and video and film footage tracing the roots of the folk revival, its growth in New York, its major players, and its impact on American politics and culture during the tumultuous 1960s.

  • Saving Place

    Apr 21, 2015 - Jan 03, 2016

    Discover 50 years of New York City landmarks in this exhibition depicting how the pioneering landmarks law, enacted in April 1965, fostered pride in neighborhoods and resulted in preservation in every borough.

  • Gilded New York


    Decorative objects, accessories, and costumes reveal the city’s visual culture at the end of the 19th century, when its elite class flaunted their money as never before.

  • Carl Van Vechten


    Novelist, essayist, and photographer Carl Van Vechten promoted the work of African-American artists and writers. He was most notably associated with the Harlem Renaissance.

  • Timescapes


    Watch the history of New York City unfold over three screens and 22 minutes.

  • Activist New York


    Immerse yourself in the drama of social activism in New York City, past and present, on issues as diverse as historic preservation, civil rights, wages, and sexual orientation.

  • Also on View


    A series of smaller exhibitions—some rotating, others permanent—round out the visitor experience at the City Museum.