For Families Saturday, January 28, 11:00am

Lunar New Year Performance

Join us for a special Lion Dance performance to learn about traditional stories around the holiday. Then enjoy a special snack and make a lantern to take home.
For Families Sunday, January 29, 11:00am

MY CITY LAB: Machines and Movement

Explore the exhibition New York at Its Core to find iconic objects throughout New York City history and use various materials to design a machine of your own!
For Families Sunday, February 5, 11:00am

Paint like Pollock

Discover artworks by some of New York City’s most iconic artists and create a painting of your own using various pouring and dripping techniques!
For Families Saturday, February 18, 1:00pm

Sword Dance Family Performance

Join us for this special performance as part of the 32nd annual New York Sword Dance Festival, which brings an ancient winter celebration to life!
For Families Sunday, February 19, 11:00am

Presidents’ Day

Celebrate Presidents’ Day at the Museum. Travel back in time on our presidential scavenger hunt, then get creative in the classroom!
For Families Monday, February 20, 9:00am

LGBTQ Teen Summit

Teens, ages 12-17, will come together to celebrate, share, create, learn, and discuss themes around the intersections of LGBTQ culture, history and art in New York City.
For Families Tuesday, February 21, 11:00am

Framing the City

What do you love about New York City? Design a frame to showcase your favorite places or memories.