Little Black Books: Learn the Art of Writing Graffiti
Sunday, March 9, 2014 from 2:00 pm - 3:30pm

Along with the graffitied subway cars of the 1970s and ‘80s evolved black books, or “piece” books (as in “masterpiece”)—sketchbooks where graffiti writers practiced drawing and drafting murals. Now you have the chance to start a black book of your own. Join New York graffiti artist and teacher Christopher “DAZE” Ellis to explore the stylized writing and tags developed in that era.

Open to participants ages 12 and up; materials provided.

Skethcbooks generously donated by Artists & Craftsmen Supply.

Presented in conjunction with City as Canvas: Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection.
$30 for Museum members, students, and seniors; $45 general public.

Please note online ticket sales are now closed; to purchase tickets please visit the admissions desk of the Museum.