Picturing Central Park: Sept 13, 2013 - Jan 5, 2014

Janet Ruttenberg’s paintings celebrate Central Park and those who gather within its green borders.

Artist Janet Ruttenberg's love affair with Central Park has inspired her to use a variety of media—watercolor, oils, and video—to capture the natural and human beauty of this iconic New York landscape. Picturing Central Park will include 17 major works, many of them a monumental 15 feet in width, along with smaller pieces and photographs that reveal the artist's imaginative approach to her bold and sometimes fantastical work.


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    Click here to read Ira M. Millstein's essay, "The People's Park," from Gatherings: Janet K. Ruttenberg (Pointed Leaf Press, 2013).

    More from the book can be seen on Janet Ruttenberg's website.