Learn New York City history from the City Museum's resident scholars.

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Biographies of Early New York

Future Dates: Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20, 2016. Email pd@mcny.org or call 917.492.3492 to be notified when registration opens.

Discover the history of New York through the eyes of women, from landowner Annetje Jans of New Amsterdam to reformer Emma Goldman of 18th century New York. Then, learn about immigrants such as Jan Rodriguez, the first recorded individual of non-Native American ancestry to reside in New York, and German Jewish immigrant and member of the criminal underworld, Marm Mandelbaum. Finally, explore the city's history through the animals that lived here, such as oysters, beavers, pigs, and horses, to understand the evolution of the natural landscape, how innovation in transportation changed the face of the city, and New York's transformation from a rural to urban environment. The series also includes a walking tour of downtown New York, putting all of this history "in its place".

$120 per person for the two-day series

This course will also be available for 1 P Credit through the ASPDP.