• Thu, Jun 04

    Activist New York: Engaging Students

    Explore primary sources and pedagogical strategies with Facing History and Ourselves, a leader in the field of history, civics, and social-emotional education.

  • Sat, Jun 27

    Full of Pride

    Visit the exhibition Activist New York to learn how New Yorkers have fought for change. Afterwards, create a banner to champion a cause you believe in, like marriage equality, which you can bring to the 45th annual Gay Pride Parade in NYC.

  • Mon, May 25

    Recycle, Re-paint, and Re-plant!

    Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day by exploring Activist New York and learning about the holiday’s local roots. Bring an empty plastic bottle to create a recycled planter, decorate it, and then plant–the soil and plants are on us!